Why former Googlers got together to help businesses reach new audiences

January 8, 2023

In April 2021, former Google employees Diego Antista and Juan Fusoni got together to create a tool that helps companies reach new audiences worldwide.

In April 2021, former Google employees Diego Antista and Juan Fusoni got together to create a tool that helps companies reach new audiences worldwide. They knew that language was a big barrier for many businesses and that an effective online translation service was needed to expand to new markets.

During their many years in digital multicultural marketing, they saw their fair share of inaccurate translations from automated systems that merely swapped a word in one language to that in another. And so they set out to do more than translate a company’s messaging, but to transcreate it.

Transcreation goes beyond a simple translation, accounting for the nuances in different languages and cultures while maintaining the original essence of a message. A transcreation tool designed by former Google employees makes Google Ads even stronger.

From the beginning, GetGloby was designed by and for advertisers. Our founders are experts in multicultural marketing campaigns and Google Ads Best Practices. When creating a tool to help businesses expand to new markets, they realized their system needed to account for not only linguistics and nuance, but for character counts and messaging.

Google Ads are restricted to 30–90 characters. These limits are a translation hurdle, and it is often left to the companies to handle. The number of characters in a message is bound to change when switching from one language to another, which is why GetGloby’s proprietary tool finds synonyms to fit your message and fit your character counts.

Translation tools are designed for everyday communications, such as sending an email. When you plug your message into one of these tools, the output contains common language. GetGloby’s founders understand that ads have marketing-specific and technical terms that need to be captured by more advanced language. It is tailored to advertisers using key advertising language.

GetGloby also understands the importance of utilizing key search terms throughout ads, especially in calls to action. With Google Ads, it’s about more than just using the linguistically correct word or phrase, it’s about using the highest-performing one. GetGloby tracks the different search term trends in different markets, and then uses keywords that people are actually using on their searches.

GetGloby can show a business the transcreation that is closest to their original message, but it will then suggest the one that best aligns with what people are searching and will thus have the better results. Ultimately, campaigns using the best, most expensive translation or transcreation tool will get minimal traffic if the tool has no knowledge of how search campaigns succeed.

GetGloby is made up of experts in Google Ads best practices, multicultural digital marketing, linguistics, software engineers, and data scientists who are working to help amplify businesses’ messages.

Our team knows what it takes to succeed in transcreation, and they are continuously working on their Artificial Intelligence and practices to make sure GetGloby is meeting the needs of advertisers in an ever-evolving digital age.

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