Five steps to use GetGloby

January 8, 2023

Our founders, Diego Antista and Juan Fusoni, have decades of experience in multicultural marketing, and they know how complicated and time-consuming the translation process can be for companies who use traditional translation services. That’s why they created a transcreation tool that businesses can use in just five simple steps.

1. Connect

To get started, our platform allows you to easily link your Google Ads account to our platform, so you can manage everything in one place. 

That will make your life easier, avoiding old school translation workflow where you would need to prepare a file for your translation provider and then adapt it again to a ready-to-upload file.

Connect Google Ads

2. Select

Choose the source campaign you want to translate. Don’t worry about volume. We can handle big campaigns, and they won’t slow us down! 

We encourage you to start with your top performing campaign, in order to ensure you will replicate a structure that is already working for you in other markets.

Add campaigns

3. Transcreate

Select as many new locations and languages you want to target with your campaigns, and our platform will take care of the rest.

Your translation project will be based on the specifics you selected, and your source campaign will be transcreated to align with your new audiences' nuances.

Translate campaigns

4. Review

Is your transcreated campaign to your liking? Take a look at your keywords, extensions, settings, and overall ads. If you feel the need to make changes, you can edit components one-by-one or in bulk.

In case your ads are not aligned with Google Ads character limit policy, GetGloby will provide you with some suggestions that reflect the spirit of your original message and shorten down the length.

Review and fix issues in translated ads

5. Launch

Upload new campaigns to your Google Ads account automatically. It really is that simple!

You can choose to implement your new audiences targeting within the same account or any other one that works better for you. We know how important it is to track revenue and performance clearly.

Publish campaigns

We want to make your life easier

Take advantage of smart automation and detail oriented support. We boosted our technology with savvy media experts, and meeting your team’s needs is key to take global audience targeting to the next level. 

Unlocking global audiences is fast and easy!

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