8 ways to know GetGloby is an exceptional tool for translating Search Ads

January 8, 2023

Targeting new audiences in different languages was always a real challenge. GetGloby is the first platform that brings a real fast track solution to translate your Google Ads’ Campaigns in a few minutes into more than 100 languages.

Let us walk you through the main reasons why GetGloby is one step ahead of any other service provided in the market:


GetGloby is built on the knowledge that businesses need more than a traditional translation to effectively expand into new markets. A translation uses the one-to-one model, simply swapping a word in one language to the closest word in another. Transcreation takes this a step further, considering the nuances of each language while maintaining the essence and tone of the original language.


When it comes down to it, the metrics are what matter. Ads that are transcreated with GetGloby get more clicks and interactions than those with traditional translations because they are made to be more accurate and more relevant. Higher interaction rate means a better message was transcreated and has reached new audiences. It’s that simple.

Designed by and for advertisers

This platform considers the kind of language marketers require and the kinds of terms people are searching. It tracks browsing trends and suggests keywords to make the ads and calls to action more relevant and attractive to people seeking products or services.

Save time

GetGloby transcreates campaigns of any size in a matter of minutes. Seriously. There’s no need to worry that large volumes will delay your deadlines or set back your launch date. You will reduce implementation hours and your ads will be optimized as soon as you publish them, decreasing optimization efforts.

Save money

The number of campaigns or word count of your message doesn’t impact the price. Language industry and the global landscape of multicultural advertising requires more than a basic cost per word model. GetGloby is a cost-effective solution that transforms global audiences targeting into a scalable business with a revolutionary flat fee model tailored to your specific needs.

Save yourself work

GetGloby’s platform takes care of making sure your transcreated campaign meets character limits, and it proactively makes sure your ad includes the highest performing search terms or queries in each region. Also, with the ability to connect your Google Ads account, companies save themselves the headache of having to download and share campaigns and then upload translated ads back into their account.

Our tech advantage

Our proprietary technology uses artificial intelligence, complex linguistic algorithms, and monitors search trends to bring you the most accurate, highest performing transcreations. Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing with GPT-3 were combined to create Jaga®, the first translation engine developed for media purposes. That’s our best reassured secret.

Our founders came from Google

As former Google employees, our founders are best equipped to ensure our platform produces the best transcreations for your Google Ads campaigns. They know the ins and outs of how users search and Google Ads Best Practices. For instance, they knew to consider character counts when creating GetGloby, and their platform ensures that your campaigns stay within the required limits set by Google no matter the language.

Linguistic experts

A senior level team with PhDs in various languages are working to continuously improve the translation engine. These experts work with clients to check the quality of their campaign translation. They also perform case-by-case studies of errors and develop tools to fix and prevent such errors in the future.


Unlocking global audiences creates new opportunities for you in a way you wouldn’t imagine before. That’s because persuading global vision lets you expand to new business and revenue, while smart automation lets you do that with effortless activations.

Using GetGloby is simple, start your free trial today!

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