A platform to translate Google Ads into multiple languages

GetGloby allows you to automatically localize your ads in minutes and to manage all your translations effortlessly.

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Translate your campaigns in 3 easy steps

Step 1 GetGloby

Step 1


Connect your platforms.
Search, Marketplace, and Social.

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Step 2 GetGloby

Step 2


Instantly Translates
& Optimizes your Campaigns.

Step 3 GetGloby

Step 3


Publish your campaigns and
reach worldwide audiences.

The transcreation era is here.

Multi Language

100+ Languages

Expand your brand globally, including localization and cultural nuances in your translations.

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Marketing Oriented

Media Best Practices

Brand recognition, term suggestions and alternate translations when character limits are exceeded.

Increase Efficiency

Accurate Results

Reduce implementation time, and improve your performance in terms of Quality Score, Ad Rank, and Interaction Rate.

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The Smart Engine

A unique translation engine capable of understanding the nuances
of languages and ad optimizations.

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What our clients say

Federico Correa

“We reduced our costs and implementation time dramatically while getting more qualified conversions”

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Federico Correa



of Ad Accuracy for
Western languages


of Ad Accuracy for Non-Western languages



Ad Quality Score


Ad Rank

Leave it to us,
We've got you covered!

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